Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello Warriors

Hello, Warriors, this blog is dedicated the real-life Shaolin Monk, Taoist Priest, and Kung Fu legend, Bak Mei, aka White Eyebrow. This controversial figure has been the subject of many films and books, including KILL BILL vol. 2, EXECUTIONERS FROM SHAOLIN, and FIST OF THE WHITE LOTUS. Popular myth depicts him as a traitor to the Shaolin but that may be more legend than history. What is verified is that Bak Mei did exist as a Shaolin Monk and later as a Taoist Priest in the Wudang Mountains. His style, Bak Mei Pai, still exists and is practiced all over the world, even in New york City. The conflict between his future exponents and those of Shaolin origin were also real, although today these conflicts are not as deadly.

I'm David Blanc, a playwright. Bak Mei has been the subject of two of my plays, one of my screenplays, and the inspiration for the formation of M.A.T.E., Inc., a theater company primarily dedicated to performing plays based on martial arts history. There will be many posts to come, discussing these projects and more history regaring Bak Mei and his fighting methods. Please feel free to visit and leave comments. In the meantime, you can check out my webiste DavidBlancOnline
for info, pictures, and videos from my plays.